January, 1-8 2011 VISIT GIANNI& MARUSCA 

Gianni & Marusca Bianchi meet Suzanne Bianchi and her Family (Mark, Jennifer, James and Josh) in New York City and in Washington DC. They go to the Ellis Island (NYC) where Gildo Bianchi landed in 1914. Gianni&Marusca meet also Abigail (Abby) Bianchi in Aunt Suzanne's house in Washington DC

Gianni & Marusca Bianchi - NewYork and Washington DC

This travel was born as an occasion to meet Suzanne Bianchi & family and to visit New York City where she lived and worked for 1 year hosted by Russell Sage Foundation. How every thing in the life there is always a soul in what we do and there is always a deeper reason that drives us to do some things. In my case I wanted live again the experience that Gildo lived a century before. A return to my origin and roots lost.

The moments more magic were:

  • Arrival to the Big Apple -Manhattan (January 1st 2011 night);
  • Every moment with Mark & Suzanne, they are kind persons;
  • The visit in Ellis Island: the true deep reason because we were in America, the discovery of a true history. I was so emotioned that I cried thinking  what happened a century before with Gildo;
  • Crossing a part of East Cost from NYC to DC by car, we "touched" 6 states: New York, New Jersey; Pennsylvania, Maryland, Deleware, DC. (I love american trucks, I saw Yankee Stadium, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Newark, The "unknown" Deleware)
  • At Lunch with all Browning Family to http://www.2amyspizza.com/ (James Thanks)
  • Josh and Jennie that played piano together
  • Special Dinner in Washington DC in Browning House (January 5th 2011 night). I felt true love and I lived true american life.The Star-Spangled Banner - American anthem sung from all family with love and proud
  • Visit to Moma Museum of Modern Art  - NYC during the night with Suzanne
  • Walking with Marusca on Brooklyn Bridge and to Central Park in NYC with snow
  • At dinner with Suzanne in the apartment  and her love for us

These were the things more magic and beautiful of this travel. Thanks from Gianni & Marusca